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The PLASMATROHN® induces a coherent cellular communication by resonating electromagnetic impulses on a molecular basis from high voltage plasma.

One of the leading German physicists in scalar wave research, Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl States found in his work that the type of cellular transmission is composed in all cases of information and energy. Based on this principle of natural biophysics, PLASMATROHN® is able to generate a resonance field that influences different cell structures of the body depending on the parameters of the frequency and intensity used.

An example of great importance is the fact that Hela cancer cells multiply individually and without communication with neighboring cells, while healthy cells maintain perfect and rhythmic communication throughout the mitotic process.




Health is coherence. A healthy body is a body in which all cells are able to communicate with each other correctly. Plasmatrohn achieves this process because it is able to generate a specific resonance field that influences different cell structures depending on the frequency and intensity parameters.

Our paradigm is based on the assumption that it is the body that rolls out the disease when it is able to maintain the necessary energy, frequency and communication. The basic idea is that cellular communication is based on the effect of resonance, ie not only information is sent from one cell to another through biochemical signals, but energy is also transmitted.


It is based on the work of Dr. Rife and Dr. Lachowsky, based on her research with frequencies that started as early as the 1940s and showed surprising results in bone cancer and other chronic diseases. While Dr. Rife and others typically used the frequency to eliminate bacterial and viral infections, the focus of our software is quite different.

Areas of application

The goal of PLASMATROHN® therapy:


The healthy body is a body in which all cells are able to communicate coherently with one another. PLASMATROHN® achieves this process through the resonance induction of electromagnetic pulses from the high-voltage plasma.

Depending on the correction frequency, the strength and duration of the cells are put into self-resonance. This auto-resonance effect is responsible for the observed increase in mitochondrial activity as well as biophotonic activity and intercellular communication. Recent studies suggest that mitochondrial activity increases internal cell tension, which can cause mitosis in healthy cells and apoptosis in diseased cells.


The effect of PLASMATROHN® on living cells can be combined and optimized with BIOTROHN®, which increases oxygen, hydrogen and chlorine ions due to its electrolytic effect. It has been observed that an increase in oxygen entails an increase in the pH value in two alkaline levels, which means that in the case of the sick cells an energetic overload is generated which in this way produces apoptosis; while at the same time, mitosis is generated in the healthy cells, which in this way helps to regenerate the tissue of every type of organ. The research and development of such complex software was a continuous process that took several years to optimize frequencies and intensities to perfection.

PLASMATROHN® is able to use variable frequencies that enable the researcher to generate static plasma discharges with an accuracy of approx. 0.001 Hz in the frequency range from infrasound to ultrasound frequencies from 1 to 900,000 Hertz.




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